Syracuse Gooners | Match Day
The Syracuse Gooners are officially recognized by Arsenal America as the Arsenal supporters group in Syracuse, NY. Founded in 2015, we welcome all Gooners and local soccer supporters with open arms to our home pub, J Ryan’s.
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Match Day

Upon your arrival at J. Ryan’s Pub on an Arsenal match day, one thing will be clear: This is truly an Arsenal pub!  The red and white of our beloved Arsenal and Gooners socializing will flood your senses as you walk through the door.  We are a kind, loving bunch so introduce yourself to someone and let the football discussion commence.


Fans of all clubs are welcome but our crowd is always pro-Arsenal. Win, Lose, or Draw a match day at J Ryan’s is a genuine, Arsenal experience.

Next screening

Arsenal vs Stoke City – Sunday, April 1st @ 8:30am @ J. Ryan’s Pub

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Past Matches

Arsenal vs AC Milan – Thursday, March 15th @ 4:05pm @ J. Ryan’s Pub